Coming out of the spiritual closet – Blue pill vs Red pill

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about a lot of spiritual practices and/or people which are involved with spritiual things.

It’s time to get out of the spiritual closet and to talk openly about what it is like to be on the spiritual path. This can help people who are going through the same experiences and on the other side of the cimages (1)oin it can help people who have nothing to do with it to understand what we are experiencing.

Being on the spiritual path does not mean you are something special. It means that you are aligning with your soul purpose.

It’s not living in a fairytale and/or having epic battles with sparkling magicwands like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. It also does not mean you only have gnomes and fairies as friends. Actually the spiritual path is a wonderful and equally cruel one.

It’s wonderful to get so much insight in the working of the universe and all that is. But it also let’s you feel regularly what it means to hit rockbottom.

It’s a bit like Matrix. Would you take the blue or the red pill?

I can say for myself that I clearly took the red pill and I would never want to make a different choice from what I learned, saw, know and experienced till now.

Of course it is tempting to think why can’t my life be as simply as somebody elses life? They don’t have to feel all those extra things and experience all that and they dont have to learn so much. But on the other hand.. would that really be fulfilling? Isn’t learning something new every day some kind of a challenge on which you can be proud after mastering it?

We are all infinite multidimensional beings that are having a human experience. We are here to learn. We are here to make the best out of every situation. We are all worthy and we deserve to be here. Without every single one of us the whole concept wouldnt be the same. Every little thing has a purpose and a reason to exist and to be there.

It’s such a pity that people don’t notice the small things anymore. Mostly its about stuff. What are we doing with all that stuff? We buy it, we store it, we use it a couple of times, we use it to impress people and after a while we don’t need it anymore and then we throw it away.

When did you notice the absolute perfect beauty of a sunset? The heartwarming colors it has within and the feelings it creates? When did you pay attention to the sound raindrops are making on your window?universe

The more aware you are of the importance of the small things the more things you will recognize. Everywhere are signs. You only have to be ready to receive them and to do something with them.

When you have found your place and you know in which direction you need to go then you should also be prepared for the dark aspects of spirituality. You can only find your true self, after rock bottom became your best friend. In our worst times we manage to grow the most. You cannot help people when you didn’t work out your own issues. Of course that does not mean that spiritual people never have bad days. We do. A lot. But we learned how to deal with negativity. How to redirect negative energy and how to pay the needed attention to the negative feelings that are coming up.

The step out of that spiritual closet is a huge one. Even for me.
But here I am, simply doing it because it is part of my life, my purpose and my path: I am an infinite multidimensional being that is having a human experience. I am unique. I have a unique set of abilities within me that no other being has in this constellation – as all our gifts and abilities are mixed differently. I am proud of myself. I feel love instead of hatred and I will share this love. I am worthy and I deserve my place in this universe.

Lots of Love,

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