The art of worrying

Pleanuts-worry-cartoonWe are all masters in a profession we actually do not even want to be masters in. We all are masters when it’s about the art of worrying. We worry about everything. About little things and about big things. We worry if we hear the alarm clock in the mornig, if we are on time at work, if we manage to finish our work projects, if we catch the bus on the way home or if the noise our care made will be the cause that it breaks down. We worry if dinner will be ready on time and if the house is tidy enough. We also worry a lot about our emotional states. Are we enough? For ourself? For the people we love? Does the person I love feels exactly as I do? Will I lose someone I love if I behave in a specific way? Will somebody I meet maybe not like my attitude? Will people think bad about me because I didn’t get very high numbers in school or because I didn’t get the certificate I wanted to have? Am I a failure? Do people think that I’m a failure? All those thoughts of course bring up dramatical situations which would cause us to suffer.

Those a just a few examples of thoughts that come into our heads when we worry. confusioni
All those things happen within your mind. Nowhere else. At least 99 % of all those dramatic situations will never happen. Our mind mixes a dangerous cocktail of fear and confusion and brings it with a bittersweet voice that wants us to think that it simply wants to help us and that it wants to prevent us from harm. All it actually does is causing us harm.

Let’s take a look at the real world. Take a look around you right now in this moment. Where are you? Who is with you? Which people are in your life? Do you have a roof above your head and food in your fridge? Good! That means that you have a lot more than many other people.

You should never ask yourself if you made the right decision. Every decision you ever made was the one that was best for you. No matter how painful it was. Your higher self would never let you take a decision that does not serve your higher good.

The important people in your life will always love you and lift you higher. You never have to wear a mask to please them. They will share you fears, dreams, drama and joy. No matter what. That is something you do not need to worry about.

What would happen if you would simply accept your life as it is? Try to notice the things happening around you. All those little and wonderful things. Those worries are the reason that you do not see all those things. The more you are busy in your head with overthinking an event or the way someone thinks about you the less you will see around you. The dramaoption that you go through over and over in your mind has only a little 1% chance to happen but takes away all the miracle that each and every moment carries in itself.Positive-minds-vibe-life

You have an actual problem with something? You have the solution? Then use it! There is no solution right now? Then simply keep calm, enjoy life and wait how it will unfold.

There are only a few things to remember in your life:
– You are worthy
– You are perfect the way you are
– You are exactly where you need to be
– Everything happens for a reason and will be totally OK in the end. No matter how bad it looks right now.

Keep your thoughts positive and your head high.

Lots of love,

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