Make the world your playground

screenshot_20161118-185115-01When was the last time that you saw your life, your problems and your situation from the viewpoint of a child? When did you consciously remember your childhood? Most of us chase from appointment to appointment. Meetings, partyinvitations, birthdays, weddings, baseballgames and all those other things we put on our to-do-list. We keep complaining about the fact that we never have time for anything but actually WE are the ones that are creating the to-do-lists that dictate our life. We see the daily tasks we have to fullfill as a burdon and have no motivation to do them.

Let’s take a look how our children see the world. Every new day is an adventure and they begin every new day as an adventure as well. They do not think about all the problems which COULD occur. They cannot wait to wake up early in the morning. Thinking about what to play next. They turn the whole world into a playground. Everything in this world is a toy. A little wooden stick can become a deadly weapon that fires red laserrays and rainwater on the ground turns into lakes that cannot be crossed that easy. Imagination is everything. Imagination makes everything possible. Inventing own languages, having invisible friends and having serious conversations with stuffed animals.

They do not think about how people will think about them or WHY they didn’t see someone for a while. If they miss someone then they simply say it and request mum or dad to call and to make it possible.late-night-0

They do not overanalyze things. They take things as they come. If something does not feel good, they will say it. If they are afraid or scared they will tell it. If they feel pain (no matter if emotional pain or physical pain) they will cry. They will laugh and be happy for little things. Everything is interesting and new for them. They don’t see everything in a negative way, they take everything as a challenge. Even those daily tasks we hate so much are for them something exciting. Do we simply have the wrong viewpoint and should see everything from a different perspective?

Whatever your child or a child expresses is valid and needs attention. Sometimes guidelines, sometimes rules, sometimes even strictness, but always full of love.

If we could manage to see the world from time to time as a child does, we could manage to live a whole different life. We could simplify our life. We could make those huge dark grey clouds a bit more fluffy,  a bit more white and a bit smaller. Children find a solution for every problem – even if the solution is to ask mum and dad for help. As adults we do not ask for help a lot, because we are afraid of what people think of us.

As adults we tend to make everything extra complicated. We see problems when there aren’t any problems. We doubt things when there is actually no reason to doubt. We think and think and think until something is so mixed up in our head that we cannot see anything clearly anymore.

Maybe welaura1 could try to make a change and try all together to make the world a bit easier again. Let’s do something pure.

Let’s try to love purely and to let the people know that we love them. Let’s show them how much they mean to us with our whole heart.

Let’s try not to panic when a problem occurs and let us simply take it as it is. Looking for a solution with a logical mindset. If we do not find a solution then we should ask people we trust for help. People you trust will not think bad about you anyway. So there is totally nothing to worry about.

Let’s not criticize things from the start, lets give everything and everyone a chance. Maybe we could make some new experiences? Maybe we learn something we didn’t know before? Maybe we get to know someone that will play an important role in our life?

Every day is a new beginning. Let the world be your playground again. Play! Laugh! Have fun and love!

We all have that little child we were still inside of us. The child that wants to explore, experience, love, learn, play and laugh. Take down your mask. Believe me. You do not need it. You never needed it anyway.

Lots of love,

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