Dear Love …

Dear Love,

You are the highest vibration in this universe
You are the biggest emotion that exists
You have the power to make or break a person
Within a second or a moment – sometimes in the blink of an eye

You take someone up to cloud number 7
or you pull them down into the deepest depths of despair
You are a painter that adds color to this world
but you are also a master in destroying everything that exists

With you – everything seems to flow easily and no mountain top is too high to climb
Without you – even the most simple things seem impossible
You make life precious
but if you want to, you can make life a nightmare

Keeping the faith in you is not always easy
the cuts and bruises of disappointments that come hand in hand with you are deep and intense
The beauty you bring is deeply edged into heart and soul
the footprints left inside a heart are there forever and never to forget

To get up and fight for you gets tougher with every second
but your worth, warmth, depth and amazing beauty is the treat that waits in the end

No matter how often you hurt, crush or tear down
Giving up on you will never be an option
Going until the end
Feeling everything you have to offer

Taking the tears, fear and sorrow with pride
Taking your sweetness, laughter and joy with gratitude
Taking all of it
Until the perfect balance is found

Lots of love,

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