Day 1 – the beginning…

Hi Everyone!

Today was day 1 of the 365 Day Challenge to become and love yourself unconditionally.  I woke up pretty early for a saturday and needed some time to get my thoughts clear on what I wanted to do. The weather was stunning but I didn’t feel like going alone somewhere to a park. Since a while I needed a few things so I decided to go to the mall. I took my time. I wasn’t in a hurry. If you do not rush through stores and if you take your time you start to notice how stressed all those people are. It made me smile.. some of them who saw me smiling maybe thought that sanity has left me for good, others were simply confused. A few people smiled back. What a pity that people are so frustrated in their life. They miss out on all the small things that are actually so important in life.

After a while I clearly felt my body had enough and needed rest. Under normal cicumstances I would not have noticed that so easy. I would have pushed myself furter, but as per today I have the goal to really listen to my body and soul – I took the feeling seriously and went home. Taking a nap in the afternoon and feeling seriously refreshed in the evening.

As Hamburg is apparently a city that never sleeps I decided in the evening to go out a bit. There was a fair in the city like 10 minutes away with the metro where I went. I have to say that I actually had a really nice evening there. Meeting people I never saw before. Talking to them about different things and getting my new hometown to know.

A pretty successfull first day I have to admit.

Whoever already started the challenge with me.. how did your first day go?

Lots of Love,

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