Day 2

Hello everyone,

Today was the second day of the challenge that lies in front of me for at least the coming year.. but actually it’s more a change for life.

The weather is Germany is still stunning and the more I open uo myself the more I feel how the sunlight is filling me with energy. Energy that I need so badly at the moment. Even though my day run pretty smooth I had to face some challenges as not everyone around me had such a smooth day. I felt a lot of frustration and negativity today, but I tried to transform all of it into love and light. That was actually pretty successfull and I managed to make the people smile even if their days were not positive at all.

I notice that since I listen more carefully to the needs of my body and soul a lot of rest and relaxation is required. I simply did not take care of myself for way too long. Today is the first time in years that I simply didn’t do anything at all. This was not a productive day, but a resting day. Watching a new series, eating and drinking whatever I felt like was the right choice.

The weekend is over now and I am curious how this challenge fold out at work.

Good night everyone!

Shine bright and share the light within you.


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