Day 3 & 4

Hey guys,

The last two days were kinda tough. Trying to focus on myself and staying true to all emotions that come up is kinda hard when you are at work and need to function. I did my best but I know I can do better.

At the moment all those emotions from which I thought that they would not be affecting me are coming to the surface and it’s not easy to face them. A lot of thoughts, surpressed feelings, old scars are coming to the surface as if I opened Pandora’s box. Once you open Pandora’s box, you cannot close it anymore. That’s a known fact.

I crave a lot of sweets and food I didn’t even thought about for a long time, but right now it’s what I need and what my body wants to feel kinda comfy when all the other things are not comfy at all.

Tomorrow is a new day. New day – new chances. Nobody said it would be easy..

Shine bright and share your light with those around you,


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