Dear Narcissist

Dear Narcissist,

It took me 14 years to realize the manipulative grip you had on me as an empath. What felt like true love actually turned into a nightmare from which it was almost impossible to wake up.

Loving yourself is actually a good thing. Realizing your worth and acting out of a place of selflove is a beautiful thing. Loving yourself has nothing to do with selfishnessdownload (2) Continue reading Dear Narcissist

Breaking the daily routine

We grow up in a society which trains you all your life that you have to finish school with good grades and that you have to do your best to find a well paid job so you will be able to afford a big house.

While you are on that path does somebody care why some subjects in school are simply not your cup of tea? Everything is brought down to numbers and grades and dates. When you finally surviveddownload Continue reading Breaking the daily routine

Emptiness – how to fill the inner black hole

It comes like a huge wave of energy through your whole body. It lets you almost drown. Without mercy. Consuming your mind and your body. Your thoughts and feelings. Your inner and outer world. Screaming for help is worthless as nobody will hear you anyway. Struggling with this intense feeling will only make you sink deeper inside the depths of your own emotions. This black hole of pure darkness is getting more and more grip on you. The deeper you sink, the less someone will hear you crying out for help.download1 Continue reading Emptiness – how to fill the inner black hole

Disappointment and Expectations

Sometimes it only needs a very small event and disappointment hits us like a mighty lightening. Why is that? How can we prevent this from happening?

Disappointment itself is nothing more than a feeling when expectations we had are not met. So why dont we just turn off the expectations and live a happy and fullfilled life without being ever disappointed?images (2) Continue reading Disappointment and Expectations

Coming out of the spiritual closet – Blue pill vs Red pill

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about a lot of spiritual practices and/or people which are involved with spritiual things.

It’s time to get out of the spiritual closet and to talk openly about what it is like to be on the spiritual path. This can help people who are going through the same experiences and on the other side of the cimages (1)oin it can help people who have nothing to do with it to understand what we are experiencing. Continue reading Coming out of the spiritual closet – Blue pill vs Red pill

Fight your demons

Life can be strange.

Sometimes everything seems to flow exactly the way you imagined it agood_vs_evil_butterfly_by_tommiboy13nd sometimes your world lies in shattered pieces right in front of your feet and all you can do is look at the mess and ask yourself how everything could go so terribly wrong. Continue reading Fight your demons